Comprehensively searching an applicant’s background is the first step in reducing workplace violence and dishonesty and protection.


Driving records show individuals who are habitually irresponsible in their driving habits. Additionally, they contain violations



Credit histories, especially recent histories, can alert employers to situations where individuals may be susceptible.

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Availability varies by state. Where available and reliable, it can be a cost effective alternative to conducting multiple county searches within the same state. Please note that since the County and State Governments do not share information with the Federal Courts, it is crucial to order both a Federal District Court Search and a State Criminal Search (if available) to insure the applicant does not have a criminal record in either of these jurisdictions. If the State Criminal Search is not available, criminal records should be searched for all counties resided in during the past 7 years.

Civil Court Records

Civil Court Records

Civil records give information concerning litigation that the applicant may be subject to. Current litigation may detract from a new employee’s job performance.

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